Terminals and security card management

An essential task in the operation of a digital trunked radio (TETRA) network is the management of terminals and security cards and the extensive automation of the associated process steps. NC SYSTEMS GmbH supports you with the conception, tool selection, implementation, installation as well as commissioning and operation of corresponding solutions.
These solutions enable the management of master data such as organizations, terminal types, security card quotas, and assigned ISSI areas.

Above all, the ordering process of security cards is mapped from the receipt of the order, via the allocation of the ISSIs, the order at the BDBOS, the reading in of the delivery, the card personalization, to the dispatch. During operation, the status and whereabouts of the safety cards are continuously documented (operation, blocking). Among other things, terminal devices can be documented with their local assignment, the exact device type, the operating status and the assignment to the safety card.

It is also possible to store operational information on radio participants and information for control centre systems. Data is exchanged between the different systems via interfaces and merged centrally (personalization systems, programming systems, user-own management, control centre system, network data). Corresponding evaluations provide an overview of the inventory and status of security cards and terminal devices, their use in the network and the programming status of the terminal devices at any time.

Our service portfolio:

  • Use case specification

  • Implementation

  • Implementation of Interfaces for:

    • Terminal acquisition

    • Contacts

    • Terminal accessories

    • Terminal programming objects

  • Operational introduction

  • Maintenance